JMT Ventures directors and co-founders are Leslie Bunder and Eamonn Ozerovitch who between them have 20 years of online, media, community and technology experience in delivering valuable services.

Eamonn Ozerovitch

Eamonn Ozerovitch is a results driven entrepreneur. He has a track record of strategic vision and delivery of projects within budget. As co-founder and managing director of JMT Ventures, Eamonn is responsible for developing the infrastructure and business development of the JMT websites. These sites include complex developments such as online dating through SomeoneJewish as well as building the in-house content management system. Eamonn has developed a number of business partnerships for JMT sites both in the UK and outside for sites including SomeoneJewish.

Prior to co-founding JMT Ventures with Leslie in 2002, Eamonn held senior technology positions at Barclays International Funds, Siemens Business Services (SBS) and Financial News. His roles included setting up internet services divisions, creating and implementing a cohesive IT strategy to support a global business and developing additional revenue streams from improved internet platforms.

Leslie Bunder

Leslie Bunder offers an editorial creative vision and understanding of the UK and global Jewish markets. He provides the creative and editorial strategy for the various online and digital media services which JMT Ventures offers.

He has a full day-to-day working relationship with all sections of the Jewish community from organisations and groups through to celebrity and personalities both in the UK and abroad. He is also responsible for developing relationships with content providers worldwide and has been involved in online and digital media since 1994.

Leslie is a co-founder and publishing director of JMT Ventures and is responsible for all aspects of content and creative strategy/development of the sites published. Leslie has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the online media business and the processes involved in creating, developing and managing leading websites. This includes, managing people, setting the tone and being the public face of the projects.

Prior to co-founding JMT Ventures with Eamonn in 2002, Leslie held editorial and content roles with organisations including Teletext, BBC and InfoSpace.

Leslie is also featured in the book "Moving on Up", a book written by Gordon Brown's wife Sarah on inspirational people and who there mentors are.