July 25 2005 - JewishBlogging.com (www.JewishBlogging.com) the premier site for showcasing and indexing Jewish blogs has further expanded its service with the introduction of new categories as it features the full diversity of Jewish blogging and those who create them.
JewishBlogging.com, developed by SomethingJewish.co.uk publisher JMT Ventures features over 20 different types of Jewish blogging from Jewish news and kosher cooking through to Jewish film and religion.
New JewishBlogging.com categories include: Converting to Judaism, Kabbalah, Gay Jewish, Sports and Technology.
"A number of bloggers emailed us suggesting new categories to add to JewishBlogging.com," said JMT co-founder and publishing director Leslie Bunder. "Jewish bloggers are covering an amazing amount of information and whatever we can do to help the Jewish blogging community we will do. If there's another category we need to add, provided a blogger is writing about it, then we will add that as well!".
Bunder added: "The aim of JewishBlogging.com is to feature the full range of Jewish views, comments and opinions. Whatever aspect of Jewish life or culture someone is interested in, there's a Jewish blog offering that information and through JewishBlogging.com users get an opportunity to see the diverse range of thoughts being written and discussed."
Jewish bloggers come from all around the world.
"We have indexed blogs from all around the world including the Netherlands, USA, UK and Israel. Jewish bloggers on JewishBlogging.com get the opportunity to have their feeds distributed to a wide audience which in turn means more people reading what they are writing."
About JewishBlogging.com
JewishBlogging.com the premier site for showcasing and indexing Jewish blogs and is a free service to bloggers who syndicate their writing through RSS feeds.
JewishBlogging.com uses the RSS feeds that bloggers are provided with that allows them to syndicate their blogs and services. Whatever permissions the blogger sets for their Jewish blog or Jewish news source to be picked up on, Jewishblogging.com uses it.
It's very easy to add a Jewish blog to Jewishblogging.com - just click on the link at the top of the page that says Add A Blog. Fill in your details and then the blog will be reviewed.
For those looking to start a blog, JewishBlogging.com recommends using a hosted service. There are many free and also paid-for services that you can use to host your Jewish blog. Among the best are Typepad (www.typepad.com) - Blogger - www.blogger.com and 20six - www.20six.co.uk.
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