June 17, 2005 - SomethingJewish publisher JMT Ventures has just launched as a beta, JewishBlogging.com, the premier site for showcasing and indexing Jewish blogs - www.jewishblogging.com
JewishBlogging.com features Jewish blogs covering a wide range of interests from Jewish news and kosher cooking through to Jewish film and religion.
"We cover the full range of Jewish issues across the world from Israel to Ireland and from the United Kingdom to the United States, the Jewish blogging community is as diverse as the blogs they produce," said JMT co-founder and publishing director Leslie Bunder.
"By aggregating the blogs and then indexing them into categories, JewishBlogging.com makes it easy for people to locate and read blogs of interest to them. For Jewish bloggers, it provides a way for them to attract readers to their writing," he added.
JewishBlogging.com is a free service both to readers of the site as well as to blog owners who submit their blogs to be featured.
JewishBlogging.com uses the RSS feeds that bloggers are provided with that allows them to syndicate their blogs and services. Whatever permissions the blogger sets for their Jewish blog or Jewish news source to be picked up on,
Jewishblogging.com uses it.
It's very easy to add a Jewish blog to Jewishblogging.com - just click on the link at the top of the page that says Add A Blog. Fill in your details and then the blog will be reviewed.
And if you have not got a blog yet, then the quickest and easiest way to set up a blog is through a hosted service. There are many free and also paid-for services that you can use to host your Jewish blog. Among the best are
Typepad (www.typepad.com) - Blogger - www.blogger.com and 20six - www.20six.co.uk.
Contact:  Leslie Bunder - leslie@jmtventures.co.uk
tel: 07976 220273
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